O’Neill Paragon Solutions supports organizational commitment to create a culture of effective and pragmatic safety and security risk management to meet its responsibilities to its employees and partners by establishing reasonable, sustainable measures to mitigate recognized risks; by integrating safety and security risk management principles into program design and delivery; by empowering staff to take responsible decisions through a better understanding of the complex security environments in which they operate; and, by investing sufficient resources to develop innovative tools and systems that enable the organization to minimize safety and security risks to staff while maximizing the impact of their programs.

We believe that the road to creating a culture of “effective and pragmatic safety and security risk management” requires: leadership, engagement, coaching, communication, recognition and measurement.

  • Leadership at all levels sets the tone by exhibiting a positive and pragmatic attitude toward safety and security risk management initiatives founded on organizational shared values, common good and access to vulnerable children.
  • Engaging staff at all levels in discussions about how safety and security risk management dovetails with their personal motivations and commitment to the organizational mission encourages personal initiatives and innovations.
  • Taking the time to coach staff who demonstrate a positive attitude and commitment to pragmatic change encourages the diffusion of key messages and solicits staff input thus accelerating positive cultural change.
  • Values-based communication that focuses on the interdependence of organizational functions that encourages dialogue and horizontal collaboration empowers staff to take responsibility for the good of the whole thus expanding the sphere of influence in support of a positive culture.
  • Recognizing the efforts of those who demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviors reinforces the desired behaviors, builds trust, and encourages team work.
  • Qualitative and quantitative indicators measure cultural changes and their impact and promote the expansion of a positive safety and security culture throughout the organization.