Duty of Care Checklist

Duty of Care Commitment

  • Is Duty of Care statement posted on intranet?
  • Is duty of care clearly defined?
  • Are specific measures outlined?
  • Is duty of loyalty defined?
  • Are specific commitment/expectations outlined?


  • Are background checks conducted on staff/parters?
  • Is Duty of Care/responsibility part of all staff inductions? Documented?
  • Is there a code of conduct?
  • How are individuals held accountable?
  • Do staff records include NoK information? PoL questions/answers? Social media passwords?

Risk Management

  • Are enterprise risk assessments (by location) conducted? / Frequency?
  • Are mitigation measures prioritized? Resourced?
  • Is status of mitigation measures monitored?
  • Are accountabilities clear?
  • Do insurances adequately cover enterprise risk exposure? Last reviewed
    • Staffing
    • Travelers (frequency, destinations)
    • Location of facilities/programs
    • Types of activities

Travel safety

  • Are pre-travel destination assessments conducted?
  • Is pre-trip planning required? / Authorized?
  • Is travel agency linked to safety, security and/or health monitoring service?
  • Are destination briefings conducted before travel? Documented?
  • Are travelers tracked?
  • Is there a 24/7 contact point/service?
  • Are travelers required to complete standardized safety & security training?
  • Is travel insurance sufficient to meet traveler needs? Medevac? Political evacuation?
  • Are travelers briefed at field locations? Documented?

Safety and Security Management Plans

  • Is a safety and security risk management approach defined?
  • Are risk threshold principles clearly stated?
  • Are threat/risk assessments per location required?
  • Is there means to disseminate risk information and organizational guidance?
  • Are facilities security measures commensurate with operational risks?
    • Physical security and building
    • Perimeter control
  • Access control
  • Use of guard force (qualifications, training, supervision, accountability, liability)
  • Safety procedures
  • Is comprehensive staff contact information in place? Accessible remotely 24/7? Tested?
  • Are contingency plans in place for likely events?
    • Motor vehicle accident
    • Hibernation
    • Relocation
    • Staff detention
    • Staff death
    • Medical evacuation
    • Non-medical evacuation
    • Abduction/kidnapping
    • Program closure

Business Continuity Plans

  • Is there a BCP? Last revised?
  • Have critical functions been identified?
  • Are all managers informed of responsibilities?
  • What redundancies have been created?
  • Has BCP been tested?


  • Duty of care/loyalty orientation
  • Personal safety and security training
  • Hostile environment advanced and training (as determined by risk exposure)
  • Hostage survival training (as determined by risk exposure)
  • Lone/multiple gunman advice and training,

Crisis Management

  • Does special risk insurance cover level of exposure by location?
  • Is there a crisis management plan? Last revised?
  • Shared with CMT?
  • Has CMT been trained? HQ/field?
  • Have technical providers been involved/reviewed CM plan?
  • Is crisis communication plan in place?
    • Internal communications
    • External communications/media
    • Social media
  • Have family liaison/support personnel been identified? Trained?
  • Most recent crisis (when CMT convened)
    • After action review conducted?
    • CM plan revised?
  • Are psychosocial resources in place for post incident support?
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