Critical Incident Management

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It is imperative that organizations develop critical incident management capacity at headquarters and program levels to effectively manage emergent situations, support staff and partners, while maintaining programmatic integrity. With over 20 years of direct safety and security risk and crisis management planning, training and case management experience, O’Neill Paragon Solutions, assists clients in developing effective critical incident management capabilities building on existing organizational resources (insurances, personnel, external providers). We apply participatory planning approaches, deliver interactive scenario-driven training, offer tactful, effective crisis management team facilitation, and conduct comprehensive, end-to-end after-action learning.

O’Neill Paragon Solutions works with clients and insurance providers to identify internal problem-solving capacity and culture upon which to derive an appropriate and effective approach to critical incident management.   With a focus on leadership and decision-making we guide organizations through a process of planning; clarifying roles and responsibilities; developing detailed procedures, tools, and templates that address stakeholder analysis, identifying and implementing effective strategies, internal and external communication, family liaison, psychosocial support, after-action review.

O’Neill paragon Solutions continues its support through organizational roll-out among senior staff (and prospective crisis management team and incident management team members) culminating with table top exercises that bring together the CMT/IMT that provides hands-on application of measures, challenges, decision-making under duress, and tests team dynamics.

  • Family Support Guidance

Family Support Guidance

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The role of Family Support is to provide a link between the organization and the family of staff impacted by serious events.