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Recognizing the primacy that organizations place on meeting the legal, ethical and moral responsibilities to their employees and partners, O’Neill Paragon Solutions offers professional expertise and guidance to organizations as they frame their duty of care responsibilities .We identify and analyze foreseeable risks to organizational personnel, assets, programs and reputation; implement effective, reasonable measures to mitigate risks; and, develop management systems that ensure verifiable effectiveness of the risk mitigation strategy.

O’Neill Paragon Solutions has developed a Duty of Care Review process, recognized by insurance industry leaders, that provides a review and critical analysis of organizational practice and culture with a view to highlighting current ‘good practice’ that can be reinforced, improved upon, and expanded while identifying gaps that expose the organization to increased risk.

The O’Neill Paragon Solutions Duty of Care Review considers organizational commitment, governance, policies, insurance, risk analysis and mitigation measures, traveler safety and security, safety and security risk management, and critical incident management.  The findings and recommendations from the Duty of Care Review are presented in a manner that lead to practicable action plans and improved organizational performance.

  • Duty of Care Checklist

Duty of Care Checklist

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Download this checklist to review duty of care as it relates to personnel, risk management, travel safety, management plans, business continuity plans, training, and crisis management.

  • Overseas Security

Personal Safety & Security Overseas

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International travel and living overseas offer opportunities to engage other cultures and broaden one’s life experiences, but also present certain personal safety and security risks. Each individual can develop effective strategies to minimize these risks in order to enjoy a productive and safe experience.