Safety and Security Risk Management

Safety and Security Risk Management2018-07-08T15:58:20-05:00

To make progress toward a pragmatic and effective safety and security risk management system, O’Neill Paragon Solutions works with our clients to identify current good practice and existing resources that can serve as the solid foundation.  We analyze gaps using current accepted practice as a benchmark to identify areas for improvement that can then be prioritized and resourced; we have effectively applied the EISF Security Audits framework and tools.

O’Neill Paragon Solutions:

  • Reviews current security risk management documents, templates, guidance, plans to become familiar with current practice and culture
  • Communicates with field staff to gather information, offer guidance and advice, support security risk management
  • Conducts security briefings for international travelers.
  • Collects, analyzes and summarizes local and international intelligence data and trends in the countries where our clients are present and monitors the security environment in order to inform the client and project management of any potential impact to the well-being of staff and/or the implementation of a program activities
  • Participates in meetings and conference calls with senior managers and project staff for security status updates and urgent matters that arise.
  • Contributes technical input to project proposals and periodic reports
  • Supports recruitment of security management personnel through identifying competencies, developing position description, and participating in interviews.
  • Mentors/supports new security management personnel
  • Provides 24/7 support for crisis management issues and provides leadership and expertise on how best to manage critical incidents.
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