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O’Neill Paragon Solutions, has developed bespoke training based on the learning needs and unique requirements of our clients.  Our training approach is to consult first with our clients in order to design training sessions that best meet their desired learning outcomes.  We develop learning objectives based on measurable competencies and deliver our training sessions through an experienced-based, interactive, adult learning approach.  Training/learning evaluations focus on understanding and applying learned competencies.

O’Neill Paragon Solutions has designed and delivered training that includes:

  • Personal Safety and Security
  • Navigating complex Environments
  • Safety and Security Risk Management – A Systems Approach
  • Applying Safety and Security Risk Management Standards
  • Introduction to Critical Incident Management

O’Neill Paragon Solutions, working closely with our clients, designs and delivers bespoke tabletop, practical training experiences that take crisis management teams through realistic scenarios offering a safe yet challenging environment to apply the procedures set forth in their crisis management plan, work together as a team, reflect on decision-making and organizational culture, interact with service providers, and ultimately to build internal capacity.

O’Neill Paragon Solutions provides workshop design and facilitation services.   Our focus is on outcomes served by an inclusive process.  As knowledgeable, neutral facilitators we help out clients explore internal issues and dynamics in a creative, constructive, safe environment.   Our facilitation style is discreet and sensitive to our client’s culture and adapted to the task at hand.  We aim for high levels of inclusion and participation that lead to clear, well-informed decision-making.

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Training Modules Accessible Through DisasterReady

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Michael O’Neill has worked closely with DisasterReady to develop several training modules. To access and register at DisasterReady click here. Once you are registered you can directly access the courses below: Travel Safety and Personal [...]